Thanks for coming to my website — by clicking on the above tabs, you can find contact information, details on my book, a brief bio, as well as a collection of writing samples, ranging from a personal account of harvesting sustainable tea in Kenya to a scathing review of Julia Stiles’ latest train-wreck of a film.

It’s all here (the important stuff, anyway), so start poking around!

What have I been up to recently?

  • I wrote about the appeal of themed fantasy suites and my experience staying in a hotel room that resembled the moon (read it in the National Post here).
  • I was the keynote speaker on Earth Day for a group of friendly employees at Target’s Canadian headquarters here in Toronto; they have a cafeteria that provides reusable take-out containers and a LEED-certified office building!
  • I was a guest on CBC-Radio’s The Current, on May 21, speaking as a sustainable shopping expert about an app called buycott that lets consumers scan products and find out whether they’re produced by a parent company of ill repute.
  • I surprised even myself with a glowing review of Evil Dead, the remake of Sam Raimi’s cult classic (read it in the National Post here).
  • I interviewed Jenny Souster, the first female neurosurgeon to graduate from the University of Alberta, as well as NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie for Chatelaine magazine’s career column, to be published next month.
  • I also interviewed Sara St. Onge, the director of Molly Maxwell, a film that perfectly nails teenage dialogue (read it in the National Post here).
  • I wrote about heuriger-hopping in Vienna, Austriaand the city’s hyper-local wine movement that produces very underrated riesling in the nearby suburb of Grinzing (read it in the Globe and Mail).
  • I interviewed Les Harris, the Canadian producer who beat Ben Affleck to the punch more than 30 years ago with his Argo-like film, Canadian Caper (read it here).
  • As always, I’m traveling, traveling, traveling: My next stop is ICELAND! I’ll be exploring the design stores in Reykjavik, swimming in the Blue Lagoon, and touring the countryside in search of puffins, reindeer and tiny horses.

And there’s plenty more — stay tuned for all the other exciting goings on.

– Vanessa

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